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Title 24 for Residential & Non-Residential Areas

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HERS Rating

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) determines the energy efficiency rating of a home on a scale from 0 to 250 and ensures all major mechanical, envelope and fenestration meets the state’s energy and standard. Our HERs Raters will perform field verification, diagnostic testing, and communicate with the contractor and client to ensure issues found in the field are resolved before construction is finished.

How we will work together:

  1. A set of HERS measures is provided to the rater, for certain building features used to comply with Title 24 energy code. 
  2. A HERS rater will be on site to complete the necessary inspections and testing during and after construction.
  3. If all features are installed as specified in the Title 24 report, the project passes the HERS inspection, and the rater then provides the proper documentation to the building department.

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